At the competition

On receipt of your payment you will receive a letter with two tickets attached. One is for you, the second one – for your partner. The pointer located to the left of your name will help you to find out who this ticket belongs to.

Please print these tickets on either black-and-white or colour printer and take them along to the competition. Each dancer, both man and lady should have their separate tickets. If you don’t intend to meet with your partner outside before the competition, please email his/her ticket to your partner in advance advising to print the ticket and take it along to the competition.

On arrival at the competition venue you will be requested to produce your ticket for inspection at the admission check point. Please note that the ticket is valid for one person and for the indicated name only. It is not valid for admission of the competitor’s parents or accompanying individuals regardless of the competitor’s age.

If you have been registered for events being held on different days, you can use the same ticket for admission on all days on which you are competing. Within one day your ticket is valid for single admission only.

Keep your ticket beyond the check point and submit it to the check-in team to get your number. The number can be collected by either man or lady. If you compete in different events within the same day, collect your numbers for all events using the same ticket.