Booking and payment

Acquiring your on-line entry tickets falls into two stages: first you select the event you intend to compete in, and then you pay your entry fees. Let us look at each stage in turn.

Stage one: select your options

The first stage consists of three steps. On step one you choose the event you intend to compete in and enter your competitors’ license numbers. If you intend to compete in several events you will have to repeat the registration procedure for each event.

If you are residents of the Russian Federation please enter your competitor license numbers. For successful registration make sure your personal details in DSFR database do not contain errors (misspelled or missing your first or family name, invalid date of birth, etc.).

If you are overseas competitors, please fill in the form provided. Use Latin letters and adhere to the spelling in WDSF Ranking List.

On clicking “Continue” you move to step two of the first stage, where you will be expected to select the specific category(ies) of the selected event. To register you have to put a tick against the line with the required category.

Some groups may be unavailable for registration. In these cases the relevant field will be shaded and a symbol next to it will represent the reason why you can’t enter it. Point the cursor to the symbol and you will see the tip with the explanation.

Having selected the required categories and clicking “Continue” you will be able to move to step three. Here you can see the list of the categories selected and the total fees of your booking (excluding the payment system commission).

To complete the first stage you have to enter your email address. This is the address which the confirmation letter will be sent to, which will contain the link to the payment page. Please note, that after payment receipt the tickets will be sent to the same email address. Make sure this address is correct; you won’t be able to change it later!

After clicking “Continue” check your email inbox to find the letter containing the link to the second stage – payment options. Normally you get this letter within 10 minutes. If you haven’t received it within half an hour, please check your junk mail folder.

Stage two: payment

Having clicked the link in the letter you will find yourself on step one of the second stage. Here you can choose how you are going to pay your entry. You can opt for several payment systems as well as payment with a promo code.

Having selected the payment system you will be transferred to the relevant system web site. On completing the payment you will return to to check if the transaction was successful.

Please note that the total fees may exceed the amount stated on due to payment system commissions! The commission paid differs in different systems. Besides, the commission may vary depending on the payment method selected on the payment system site. Usually it is cheaper to pay using directly the e-purse of the system selected.

For paying with a promo code you have to know the relevant code. One code allows you to pay for one couple competing in one event. If you choose this method of payment you will be offered to enter a code and two English words from an image.

In case your payment is successful, you will receive the tickets sent to your email submitted earlier (step three of the first stage). Usually they arrive within half an hour. If you haven’t got them within an hour, check your junk mail folder. Please print them either on a black-and-white or colour printer and take them along to the competition.